Oil Patterns

The ETBF Technical Delegate and Kegel, which is the official lane maintenance partner of ETBF, have decided the length of the oil-pattern for the European Youth Championships 2014 to be 40 feet.

The length of the final selected oil-pattern, which will be published at the Team Managers meeting, might vary with a maximum of +/- one foot from the length mentioned above.


Participates in the EYC 2014 

Austria, Belgium, Czech Rebublic, Denmark,
England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel,
Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Romania,
Russia, Schwizerland,Scotland, Slovenia,and Sweden are the countries so far that participates in the EYC 2014. The deadline is February 1st and we expect more countries to join before that.


Weber Cup

The Weber Cup is a swept annually bowling tournament between the teams of the USA and Europe , the first comparison took place in 2000 instead. The tournament is usually in October or November held.


The Weber Cup was by the American Bowling legend Dick Weber named.


Since 2005, the Weber Cup will Barnsley Metrodome , a spacious sports and entertainment complex in the English town of Barnsley , discharged. Especially for the tournament one is bowling lanes withbleachers and superstructures for the television broadcast provided.


The tournament will be held over three days, from Friday to Sunday . The teams consist of 5 players (1 Captain and 4 players), which in the three disciplines: Singles, Doubles and Team ( Baker Matchcompete mentioned) against each other. In the years 2000 to 2006 a total of 35 matches were played during the tournament, so that team which had reached first 18 points, emerged as the winner. Since the year 2007 the number of matches is reduced to 33, so now satisfy 17 points for a win.


World Bowl

The World Bowl was the American football - final of the NFL Europe (NFLE) that set the game operation in June of 2007. He was considered the European counterpart to the Super Bowl of the National Football League (NFL).

The name originates from the first season (1991) of the previous League World League of American Football (WLAF), were represented in the more teams from several continents or scheduled for later.

The first World Bowl was in advance to elect London 1991 Wembley discharged. The home London Monarchs qualified for and won the game and the World-Bowl-trophy , a 18.6 kg heavy globe of glass . In 1992, Montreal predestined as venue. The home team could not qualify this time, so that supporters of the participating US team had relatively long journeys.

After restricting the NFLE from 1995 to European teams and renamed in 1998 in National Football League Europe the name World Bowl remained. The venue, the home of the top-ranked team in the first half of the season has now been temporarily chosen. This was thus determined as a host, even if the second half of the season less successful. Starting in 1998, the award was again regulated differently.

After 2005, the World Bowl was first played in 2006 consecutive years in the same place in the Düsseldorf LTU arena . Since 2002 thus found four out of five finals in the home of the Rhein Fire place, who had to move in the meantime due to construction.

As competition for NFL, there were in 1974 and 1975 World Football League , whose only final on 5 December 1974 and World Bowl was called. The Birmingham Americans beat the Florida Blazers with 22:21.

The World Bowls were referred to 2000 and the year, and only then as the Super Bowl officially numbered with Roman numerals. The official name was 2005-2007 Yello Strom World Bowl .

The Yello Strom World Bowl XV took place on 23 June 2007 in the Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena instead, the home of the Frankfurt Galaxy . By 37:28 the next Hamburg Sea Devils against the Frankfurt Galaxy by and won so at their first finals the last World Bowl.